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Post NILA Retreat


Although parking was not the greatest, the Post NILA Retreat left us inspired and ready to work hard for our chapters back home. Our guest speaker, Rosie, gave us some excellent tips on how to pitch a funding request to company representatives and on how to give a good presentation in front of an audience.

The introduction of the region’s website is something many of us have been waiting for. It will be a centralized location where any of our members can post their chapter news and read about what is happening all throughout our region. Take a look at the User’s Guide to learn how to use the site to add your chapter news and comments.

Let’s have another great year with our SHPE Famila!

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    New uses for deep learning have been developed, report researchers, specificially reconstructing a hologram to form a microscopic image of an object and improving optical microscopy. Their new holographic imaging technique produces better images than current methods that use multiple holograms, and it's easier to implement because it requires fewer measurements and performs computations faster.
  • Virtual reality allows you to look inside your body and could help improve drug delivery November 21, 2017
    Renderings of 3-D cells in the body are traditionally displayed using 2-D media, such as on a computer screen or paper; however, the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets means it is now possible to visualize and interact with scientific data in a 3-D virtual world.
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    In a breakthrough development, scientists have shown that they can successfully amplify light using electrically excited films of the chemically synthesized semiconductor nanocrystals known as quantum dots.
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    A new catalyst brings researchers one step closer to artificial photosynthesis -- a system that, just like plants, would use renewable energy to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into stored chemical energy. By both capturing carbon emissions and storing energy from solar or wind power, the invention provides a one-two punch in the fight against climate […]