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Welcome to the Region 1 Page. Your source for all Region 1 news and updates.

When we attend National Conferences like NILA or the SHPE Conference, each Region has a chant. So, this is how it works.

Leader: Second to none!
Everyone: Region 1!!

We repeat this a total of three (3) times, and there you have the Region 1 Chant!

So, say it loud and proud!

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  • Super cheap earth element to advance new battery tech to the industry September 19, 2018
    Worldwide efforts to make sodium-ion batteries just as functional as lithium-ion batteries have long since controlled sodium's tendency to explode, but not yet resolved how to prevent sodium-ions from 'getting lost' during the first few times a battery charges and discharges. Now, researchers made a sodium powder version that fixes this problem and holds a […]
  • 'Robotic Skins' turn everyday objects into robots September 19, 2018
    When you think of robotics, you likely think of something rigid, heavy, and built for a specific purpose. New 'Robotic Skins' technology flips that notion on its head, allowing users to animate the inanimate and turn everyday objects into robots.
  • New micro-platform reveals cancer cells' natural behavior September 19, 2018
    A new cell culture platform allows researchers to observe never-before-seen behaviors of live cancer cells under the microscope, leading to explanations of long-known cancer characteristics.
  • Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing September 19, 2018
    Scientists have measured the activation energy and kinetic factors of calcium carbonate's nucleation.