Noche de Ciencias at Woodlake

We return to Woodlake High School for our newest Noche de Ciencias!

Parents and students alike loved the information that was presented to them during our last visit and we want all participants to have a new and better experience this time around.

Students will do hands-on activities including:

  • Building a hydroelectric generator.
  • Making magnetic silly putty.
  • Building marshmallow towers.

Parents will attend workshops in English and Spanish that talk about:

  • College options and financial aid.
  • The benefits of an engineering degree.
  • Testimonials from the engineers.

We will also have raffle prizes and free pizza for our attendees. Please help us make this event a success by volunteering your time with either a hands-on activity or by being a speaker at one of the parent workshops. Contact Iris Marban or Vincent Rodriguez for more details.


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